i think the eyes, the mind, & the imagination attached to the hand that holds the camera are far more important to the photograph that the camera itself. (it makes sense if you think about it.) ken rockwell says it best, "cameras don't take pictures, photographers do."

i am nineteen years young and i currently live in boston, where i'm a sophomore at boston university. i am majoring in neuroscience and psychology, but my mind tends to wander. a lot. photography has been a hobby of mine for about 3 years - not a long time, but long enough to love it. i'm still new to this photography thing and i won't even pretend that i know what the hell i'm talking about. i know what i like and i know everything i know (at least as far as photography goes) from books, the internet, and my own silly mistakes.

i shoot with a digital point and shoot. nothing too fancy: a nikon coolpix p5000 that i got for my seventeenth birthday. me & this baby, we've seen a lot together, and we don't plan on stopping any time soon. i try to shoot my life in a way that makes it seem much more interesting than it usually tends to be.

i love snow. i'm left-handed. i think peace signs are ugly. i like stripes and grays.